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Hi, I'm Inez.

I'm a mindset + life coach here to help you feel clear with your purpose & connected to your intuition. 

Throughout my life I've faced many challenges - going through disordered eating and body dysmorphia during my teens & early 20s, dealing with anxiety throughout my whole life and coming out at 26. 

In the middle of all of this I finished my university degree with a bachelor of Applied Science in 2017 and launched my online coaching business shortly after.

Overcoming these challenges has shaped me into the person I am today - deeply self aware, proud of who I am and with an (healthy) obsession to always learn more. 

My lived experience as well as my own training + study has lead me to helping clients who are going through similar things that I have been through - body image, nutrition, LGBTQIA+ issues, business, mindset, purpose and more. 

Peaceful Body


With over 50k downloads, this podcast will teach you how to find peace in your body, nutrition, mindset, business + life. 

There are already over 100 episodes with a mixture of solo episodes and interviews with guest experts ranging from sex coaches to yoga teaches to nutritionists and MORE. 

Listen on your favourite podcast platform (including spotify, iTunes) or click here to check it out. 

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Want to work together? 

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Inez is a life + biz coach with a variety of offers to suit your needs and get you to where you deserve to be. 

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