Do you want to stop negative thoughts about your body and feeling crazy around food?


Within this info-packed, easy to complete booklet you will be given the 3 steps Inez wishes she had when she was starting my health and fitness journey. 

Inez has spent the past 10 years researching into weight loss, health and fitness combined with 5 years as a qualified personal trainer, exercise physiologist and mindset expert to bring you...

The 3 ways to stop feeling negative about your body and crazy around food so you can finally love the skin you're in.

The Peaceful Body Booklet.

Start to think positively and lovingly about your body. 

Begin to break free from binge eating.


Lose weight and be proud of yourself. 

Become more mindful and resilient. 

Own your worth so you can be content, even confident in the skin you're in!





What's included?

Step 1: Reframe your thoughts, so you can start reaping the benefits ASAP.

Step 2: Identify your triggers and steps to overcome your triggers.

Step 3: Own your worth and finally reach your goals in a way that feels AMAZING.

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Feedback from past Peaceful Body participants:

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