There are a variety of options to help you with specific parts of your health, mindset and life transformation.


"As soon as I spoke with Inez, she created a warm, nurturing environment enabling me to speak freely & openly. 12 weeks ago I was overthinking, obsessed with food and obsessed with being productive. Today, with Inez's support, I am energetically balanced, self assured and content. Inez guided and supported me in such a unique way. I can't stress enough what having a coach for your mindset can do. 12 weeks enabled me to be the best me and I will always be indebted to Inez for empowering me to be that!"


Coaching & mentoring is 1:1 guidance and individualised recommendations with Inez Bye. It is the highest level of support and for the women that is ready for the ultimate transformation.

Programs and courses are taught either live in groups or through self paced lessons through a variety of mediums (video, meditations, downloads etc) that you will get lifetime access to.