Do you ever just get super anxious, fall into a spiral and feel like nothing you do, makes a difference? 

Because, SAME.

Or so I used to; anxiety permeated every area of my life for YEARS - with my health, body image, business, mindset, relationships.

Even when I would do the self care, meditate regularly, exercise, read up about the moon and blame it for my mood (lol)...

For some reason my mind would still be worried, I'd still be freaking out about the future or something I couldn't control.

Until I figured out real, tangible strategies to not only help me feel better but also start creating a better life for myself.

I enjoyed work more, was able to make more money, my relationships began to be more satisfying, I was laughing more and overall just being more present.

This is what I have condensed into this beautiful, 3 part course 'ANXIETY TO CHILL, REAL QUICK'. 

This is MORE than just 'think positive thoughts + breath deeply'.

This is how to TOTALLY change your brain with how to deal with anxiety.

As well as actionable steps to help you feel light + at peace as well as like you're actually making progress. 

Whats included:

- 3 x video trainings (each of these alone are worth $100!)

- 3 x integration tasks 


Pay in full $222. 

2 monthly $111 Payment Plan


Do I get lifetime access?

YES. You can come back and do this course as often as you would like - in fact, I recommend that! This makes the course SO valuable. 

What if I have a question or deeper questions I need answers to?

Sign up for VIP access and get 1 month of 1:1 coaching with me (includes fortnightly zoom calls + messenger coaching) - click here.

2 monthly payment plan option

I'm worried that it won't 'work' for me?

This course is not intended to 'cure' you - however you will be given tools that will help you massively reduce your anxiety + feel in charge of your emotions / mindset. These tools are not your standard 'deep breath + be positive' tools - they are actionable, tangible tools that anyone can include in their lifestyle no matter what it is. If you're being called to this course, follow the niggle and jump in.


To experience something you haven't before, you need to do something you haven't. Go check out my CLIENT LOVE section to hear from my clients. I've worked hundreds over my past 5 years as a coach so this ain't my first rodeo!