Have you tried every diet under the sun and just want to lose weight while eating all of your favourite foods? 

Would you love to walk into the room feeling confident and rocking your outfit and / or bikini? 

How would it feel to be effortlessly and consistently going to the gym, feeling strong AND toned? 

I used to be where you are.

Feeling unsure about EVERYTHING I was doing and why I wasn't seeing results. 

I thought the harder the better. 

Then I realised it was the OTHER WAY AROUND! 

Make it EASY for yourself and you will achieve your PEACEFUL BODY with EASE! 

I overcame 6 years of binge eating, disordered eating and body dysmorphia to get where I am today. 

Fully liberated from dieting, maintaining my dream body without EVER feeling guilty about what I ate or if I missed the gym.

The Peaceful Body Project



...empowers you to feel FREEDOM around food and LOVE for your body, as you transform into the woman you were born to be! 

If you want to lose weight, stop binge eating, enjoy working out, feel confident inside and out...


The Peaceful Body Project is THE program for you.

8 week program launching late 2019, with limited spots so I can give you each the attention and support you deserve.  

Join the waitlist by clicking the big orange button below and be the first one to find out when the next project is starting. Plus when you join the waitlist, you will get FIRST exclusive access to early bird discounts AND juicy bonuses. 


There's no shortage of diet's and workout plans on the internet. I bet you have done a few yourself, probably even gotten some results, but you STILL don't feel like you've made real progress. 

This is why I created the Peaceful Body Project. It enables you from a deeper level to achieve your dream body, maintain it for life and enjoy the process.

Imagine never feeling guilty about food or having a rest day? 

Imagine not finishing all the chips in front of your when you go out to eat because you're simply satisfied? 

Imagine feeling confident AND worthy in your amazing body to put yourself out there for new opportunities, meet people, different experiences because you understand the magic of putting yourself out of your comfort zone?

I get it sis - you can't just snap your fingers and start loving what you see in the mirror.


That's why I'm here. To help you find your worth and guide you to the best pathway for YOUR health and fitness.

To stop binge eating and release excess weight from your body so you can maintain ​your ideal body shape with ease. 

Going out for burgers GUILT FREE and eating until you are satisfied, not till you are so full you feel sick (but also knowing that's ok every now and again too!).

Going clothes shopping and actually enjoying seeing your naked body in the change room mirrors.

Actively seeking out opportunities to show off your body - at parties, festivals, the beach, holidays.

Enjoying your workouts, rather than just smashing yourself.

Making juicy memories because you are not stuck in your own head anymore, obsessed with how many calories you're burning.

Feeling supported and understanding yourself at a deeper level. No more asking... what's the point?

You 100% deserve it and I know working together you will feel like goddess you are.

Spots are limited. Listen to that lil voice that says what if... and let's get on a discovery call to start the breakthroughs. 

I can't wait to find out more about you and how I can help you.

Lou: (previous Peaceful Body member)

Lou Testimonial

Ash: (previous Peaceful Body member) 

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Why the Peaceful Body Project? 

What's included? 

The Peaceful Body Project is the ONLY 8 Week Body Love and Food Liberation Program of its kind:

Starting June 2019.

- 8 x live group interactive coaching calls with Inez and the Peaceful Body tribe via video calls (will be given access to calls if you are unable to attend live)

- 3 x Guest speakers from health and wellness thought leaders around the world 

Custom nutrition recommendations / macro targets how to guide, recipe guide and shopping list

- 2 x personalised, progressive 4 week strength based workout programmes (based on your goals, level, likes) with video form analysis via messenger 

- Weekly email mindset rituals so you can implement mindfulness into your daily life with ease 

- Fortnightly email check in and unlimited messenger support with Inez (guidance 24/7 THIS is where the magic happens)

- Access to our exclusive Facebook Group

- Access to exercise videos and demonstrations

- Lifetime access to program content

- BONUS FREEBIES: Shopping list and recipe guide 

VIP inclusions: 

- 2 x 1 on 1 coaching sessions with Inez

Cayley's transformation from acting out of hate and fear for herself,

to now coming from a place of love and truly accepting herself.

- Overcoming binge eating and feeling out of control around food

- Creating a peaceful balance with her body AND life

- finding comfort in the supportive community of women in the project

Who is Inez Bye?

Hi, my name is Inez... and I help women to stop obsessing over their diet and exercise so they can live more life feeling confident in their skin. 

I finished my degree in Exercise Physiology at University of Sydney in 2017 as well as being a qualified personal trainer and strength coach for over 5 years. 

In my late teens / early 20's, I have barely any other memories than the desperate need to be thinner. All I could think about was how many calories I was eating and burning. Binge eating and anxiety consumed my life. I had zero confidence. 


I truly believed weight loss was the answer to all my problems.

Now; I'm livin' my best life in vibrant colour and I've finally figured out what it feels like to be ME and damn, it feels good.

What I've realised is that life is much juicer once you develop a healthy relationship with food and your body.

I realised it wasn't a matter of what I looked like on the outside... I had to do the inner work on believing I was good enough to get the result I so badly wanted. And I can show you exactly how to do this too.

My coaching philosophy is mind, body AND soul must all be in alignment to get to thrive in your goal body. I can't wait to help you transform inside and out.


You want to love yourself


You want to stop binge eating, feeling guilty around food and lose weight.

You want to be confident and walk into a room without doubting yourself.

You want to be in touch with your body's natural signals for hunger and fullness

You want to be more mindful and practise self care

You want to have sex with the lights on. You want to wear a tight LBD (lil black dress) and wear a bikini without giving an F if you are 'bikini ready'.

You want feel strong in the gym without giving a single thought whether anyone is looking at you. You know exactly what you are doing.

If this is what you want, then YOU are the woman I am looking for.

Who is this for?

Client Experiences

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Applications close on the 8th of Feb midnight

Apply for a complimentary 15 minute discovery call for

the Peaceful Body Project: 

Side note: I don't post body transformation pictures even though this program has seen some incredible physical changes in past clients. This is because I want you to strive for your IDEAL body shape as opposed to aiming for someone else's (as that's impossible anyway!). Be assured this program WILL change your inner and outer self.