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Hi, I'm Inez.

and I'm on a mission to help you let go of anxiety, your past and rediscover your self worth...​

So you can deeply trust yourself + your intuition, have better, genuine relationships, a healthy relationship with food + body image.


Basically let go of what does not serve you so you can create a lifestyle you LOVE. 

I went from battling with disordered eating, overwhelm, body dysmorphia and anxiety to now enjoying food freedom, feeling confident in my own skin and building the life of my dreams! 

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Peaceful Body


With over 40k downloads, this podcast will teach you how to find more peace in all areas of your life so that you can ask for what you need and go after your goals! 

There are already over 100 episodes with a mixture of solo episodes and interviews with guest experts ranging from sex coaches to yoga teaches to nutritionists and MORE. 

Listen on your favourite podcast platform (including spotify, iTunes) or click here to check it out. 

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Want to work together? 

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Inez is a health + mindset coach with a variety of offers to suit your needs and get you to where you deserve to be. 

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