Get in control of your relationship with food so it becomes EFFORTLESS to get your dream body. 


Starting Jan 20th. Limited spots! 

Do you want to: 

>> Stop binge eating, let go of restriction, food guilt and / or body shame?



>> Feel more self love, lost weight, boost your confidence, increase your self worth?

How about going out to dinner with your friends, eating what you TRULY want and not worry about gaining weight?


Throw on your bikini any time of the year and feel confident AF in your skin? 


Maintain your dream body with ease, even when you go on holidays, even when you’re not fully in control of what you’re eating and even when you’re stressed?

Try on clothes in the change room and feel content with what you see in the reflection?

Enjoy being NAKED?

This is what Hungry for Life will teach you. 

>>the 4 week step by step journey to learn exactly what and how to eat in a way that aligns with your goals whether it be healing your relationship with food, losing weight or accepting your body.

Limited early bird spots for the January 2020 Round!

10 years in the making....


I struggled for over 10 years.... 

Doing every diet under the sun, surviving on chewing gum and starving during the week, binging all weekend, uncomfortable and confused, my weight going up and down constantly....

To having finally figured out how to listen to my body, stabilise my weight, feel confident and lean all year round.

Hungry for Life is the exact method I have used on myself AND the 100s of clients I have worked with. 

Learn how to listen to your body so you can reach and maintain your dream body without guilt, anxiety.


"I feel so much happier with my relationship with food than I have in a long time. I don’t think of foods as good and bad foods nearly as much. And this means I’m less likely to go over the top and eat ALL THE FOODS. Again, it’s not perfect, but I’m progressing and improving."

- Ash

"I feel like I have made leaps and bounds in progress... I don't look in the mirror and cringe anymore, I can smile when I see my face, I check myself and gains out in the mirror in my undies, I'm not scared to look at my reflection when I walk past a shop window and know that I am good enough just the way I am."

- Cayley.

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"I'm stronger and healthier than I was before and I'm actually so much more stable too. I feel like I know how to ground myself now if it all gets too much, how to refocus, and how to prioritise myself each day and these are literally so valuable."

- Lou

The best part of Hungry for Life was being part of a community of women who are going through all the same thoughts and feelings as me. Having the opportunity to meet and work with Inez who is amazing and has so much knowledge.

- Naomi 

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"I am so proud of myself. I took the leap and invested in myself for a change. Some elements have been hard, such as talking about my feelings and going back through negative memories that relate to my body issues, but overall I have grown from it and am in a better place because of it... my measurements have improved and I am so thrilled to see physical changes."

- Megan

This is for you:

If you: 

1. Want to lose weight sustainably and without feeling restricted

2. Would love to loosen the reins on your relationship with food and get back in touch with your body's signals so you can enjoy eating out and living life

3. Have a deep desire to become more self aware, confident and authentic

JOIN Hungry for Life!

How does it work:

4 weeks lecture style course with interactive downloads and home-play (instead of homework!):

  • 1 module released per week, broken down into smaller sections so even the most busy woman can fit it into her lifestyle!

  • either start with the group @ end of September or you can ALWAYS go at your own pace

  • access to exclusive FB community to support you and for extra info 

  • 2 live q&a's with your coach Inez Bye 

  • BONUS: Guided meditation to let go of self limiting beliefs 

  • VIP: access to 2 x 1:1 coaching sessions with Inez Bye + unlimited messenger support


We will be starting the course as a group on the 20th of January, however you are more then welcome to complete the modules in your own time as well. 

Week 1: The culling 

- letting go of food rules + expectations 

- the science of nutrition 

- overcoming self limiting subconscious beliefs with food 

- setting kick ass intentions

Week 3: The expansion  

- teach your subconscious to reach your goal body with EASE

- how to shed the diet mentality to supercharge your results

- what to do when going out, on holidays, to restaurants

- how to be comfortable in the uncomfortable 

Week 2: The reclamation 

- who you are behind dieting 

- change your habits around food to change your body

- how to use energy to get to your dream body faster

BONUS: meditation, live Q&A coaching session. 

Week 4: The integration 

- what to do when you 'go off track'

- maintain your results long term

- tools for effortless relationship with food + body

BONUS: live Q&A coaching session. 


Course access (lifetime):

VIP option (course access plus two 1:1 video mentoring sessions):

Need another investment option or not sure if the course is right for you? I am more then happy to have a chat and am very open to flexible payment plans - book in for a free 15 minute consult that suits you best by clicking below: