Lift & Love Life Seminar

Are you a female that feels like they just don't know anymore what to do with their training and nutrition?

Or maybe you feel like you've lost your way recently and want to re-invigorate your routine?

How would you like to be a part of an uplifting group of like-minded women ready to kick some goals too?

Do you want to make a positive impact on your body, nutrition and mindset?

One that actually lasts.

Join Inez & Helen, exercise physiologists and strength coaches who are on a mission to help females around the world create positive, healthy lifestyles. 

What does it involve?

- mindset rituals that are key to success in achieving your health and fitness goals. 

- how to act out of love for your body, rather then hatred.

- the best diet / eating habits for your body

- how to eat to see results whilst also maintaining your sanity AND enjoying it. 

- tailored nutritional advice to each and every one of you, as well as recipe tips and a shopping list. 

- a coaching session on how to master your squat and deadlift so you can walk into the gym and get the most from your workout

If you have been umm-ing and ahh-ing about what to do with your health and fitness so that you enjoy it AND get results, then now is the time to take action and join us for the only workshop THIS YEAR. 

This is more then just what to eat and how to train (although we will be covering this at length!). 

No more quick fixes and suffering on your own - what we teach you will be useful for the rest of your life.

Real life lessons that have helped us get to where we are toady.

Confident, grounded and living life to the absolute fullest.

It's not all booty bands and bikini models - we keep the shit real, the workouts and diets do-able whilst also making friends and giggling along the way. 

This is for you if you are ready to cre​ate the best health and fitness routine so you can finish the year feeling and looking the way you deserve to.


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Who is Helen?

Helen is an accredited exercise physiologist, personal trainer, group fitness instructor and online coach.

Helen started off with mainly yoga and cardiovascular exercise routines but it was strength training that transformed her body and her mind. She has overcome an eating disorder and negative body image and is passionate about helping women love their bodies. 

Helen has over 6 years of industry experience where she has worked alongside some of the best athletes and coaches who have improved the quality of her coaching.


Helen is currently powerlifting but loves cheeky, cardio sweat sessions. She loves basking in the sun at the beach, spending quality time with loved ones and travelling to experience different cultures.

Who is Inez?
Inez is a qualified personal trainer, online coach and exercise physiologist with over 5 years experience in the industry. From a young age, she was very interested in fitness although it hasn’t always been from a place of love, struggling with binge eating, restriction and over-training. Now she’s passionate about a #balanced and fulfilling approach to health and wellness. She has worked in multiple gyms from large commercial gyms to boutique fitness studio's. This has given her plenty of experience with all walks of life. 
Inez is the creator of the 'Peaceful Body Project' which is a program that empowers females to find love in their body, freedom around food and joy in exercise.
Inez powerlifts, loves her cat Milly and is always learning especially all things mindset and manifestation. In her spare time, she is either reading, listening to podcasts or doing coastal walks. 
How the day will look: 
10am - 1pm at Enliven Coaching, Brookvale. 
10am: Intro, coffee + snacks, mindset rituals, meditations, positive affirmations 
10:45am: food and your relationship with it, nutrition for your body, goals and life, how to calculate your macros 
11:30am: Q&A's
11:45 squat and deadlift technique training session (group workout split into two smaller groups so you can have access to as much one on one coaching)
12:45pm: lunch (a delicious meal provided by us) as well as any other questions or chats :) 
Wear comfortable clothes you are happy to train in, as well as a water bottle.
You will also receive: 
- downloadable workbook 
- recipe guide
- shopping list
- macro tracking cheat sheet
- mindset guide
- workout templates 
Everything you could possibly need to create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle!

"Even though I have ups and downs with my health journey, you (Inez) have helped me in such a big way and I will forever be great full. I know I still have work to do, especially on my inner voice but I know with your help I’ll get there and that gives me some peace. 


I couldn’t live my life without you in it now. You play such an important role now and are helping mould me into the best version of myself and I’m excited for that."


"Thank God I did trust Inez because when I did, the weight came off - slowly, but steadily. Gaining strength has made me feel good in my body, better in my clothes and has given me so much more energy! The weight has stayed off and I honestly feel like I have hit the G-Spot. I'm at my happy weight without hardly trying. I can truly say that I never ever EVER thought that I could be the person that could eat pizza and still comfortably wear a bikini. 


Inez has given me something I that I could never even attempt to repay. She's given me stability, confidence and the skills to live a life without restriction and guilt. I will am forever grateful to her and continually inspired!!!"


I wouldn’t have achieved those things without Inez, who was there for me for every new challenge. She motivated me, gave me strength, believed in me and became the one person who really understood what I needed.


Thank you so much for really having changes my life. That is something no one will be able to take away from me and without you I would never have known what it feels to be happy and proud of myself. 



“Inez has given me more autonomy over my training and increased my self-efficacy. She was exactly what I needed when I felt I had lost my way.  Inez is warm, open minded, energetic and technically proficient. It is clear she has the know-how and passion for working at the top level in her chosen industry. She has been an absolute pleasure to work with.”


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