If you tick ANY of these...

I'm stuck in a binge / restrict cycle

Your constantly worried with what you are going to eat next, how you're going to lose weight, what you shouldn't be eating... You struggle with binge eating and would love to eat in moderation, but you're not sure HOW. You crave a 'healthy' relationship with food that gets you the body you want too.

I hate my body (and myself...) 

"Inez has been exactly what I needed to get real results that I never thought would happen..."


You catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror - why do I look like that? You go underwear shopping - why is my body so lumpy? You avoid being naked. You dislike looking at your body in the mirror. You constantly compare and wish you looked like the insta-fit booty babes. You desire to feel happy in your body, so your life feels worthy!

I don't feel confident with who I am as a person

"Inez's encouragement and support has been the best part of the program. It's been nice to have a trainer who pushes you but also understands life is more then just exercise and diet."


You want to feel comfortable with who you are as a person, you don't want to second guess everything you have to say, you want to feel 'authentic' in your relationships and like you are living a fulfilled life.

Feeling burnt out or overwhelmed

SO many things on my mind, SO many goals to reach, I can't just sit here and relax. I'll never get my dream bod by slowing. I bet "insert bikini model" never just lies on the couch or goes for a casual walk. I wouldn't even know what to do if I wasn't so busy all the time.

... then mentoring is for YOU.

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"I actually started getting the body I wanted, I started loving it, something I would never have imagined.... It wasn’t just a superficial change, but also a change in lifestyle."


"I no longer feel afraid of eating or that I’ll never be into exercise. Inez’s program left me feeling more empowered, strong and confident than I ever had, and taught me to love eating healthy foods and doing exercise."


What's included? 

There are 2 ways we can work together depending on your goals, needs and preferences. 

1) Fitness + nutrition mentoring  

This is for you if you have tried lots of different diets, over exercise or don't feel like you're doing the right thing in the gym, struggle with binge eating / restricting and feel self conscious. You may want to lose weight, get stronger / fitter, have a healthy relationship with food, learn life long healthy habits for your body and mind.


- personalised training programs with daily video form checks and feedback

- personalised nutrition plans (intuitive + flexible dieting) 

- mindset activities 

- monthly video calls + unlimited messenger support 

- access to secret FB group with extra video trainings


2) Mindset mentoring 

This is for you if you are content with your health + fitness, and are more looking to let go of self limiting beliefs around your body, food and life. You want to establish healthy boundaries, a self care routine, cultivate self acceptance / love, figure out what your passions are, be more confident / intuitive and improve your relationships.


- fortnightly video calls 

- weekly mindset activities 

- unlimited messenger support 

- journal prompts

- access to secret FB group with extra video trainings 

Book a free call below to find out which option will be best for you: 

My name is Inez Bye and I'm about to change your life. 

I struggled with body dysmorphia and disordered eating from as early as I can remember. Throughout my entire teenage and early 20 years I was desperately trying every diet under the sun and crazy exercise regime to lose weight. Why? At the time I thought it would be the ONLY way to find happiness and love. 

Yet, the thinner I got, the worse I felt - anxiety took over, I started binge eating and push everyone close to me away. 

It wasn't until I hit rock bottom after a break up, developing insomnia, losing my job and my period I realised what I was doing was not working. 

Bit by bit, I began to rebuild my relationship with myself. A big part of that was healing my relationship with food + exercise, starting meditation + journalling and getting support from mentors who were living out my ideal outcome.

I went on to work as a personal trainer for >5 years on the gym floor with 100's of clients from all walks of life. I completed a bachelor degree in Applied Science (Exercise Physiology) in 2017 at University of Sydney. 

Now I'm the most content in my body, fitness and life EVER. I also know it's only going to get better from here, which is a mindset I have worked hard to create and actively spread out to everyone I come into contact with.


It's my mission to help women around the world to also get to this place of freedom around food and in their bodies, find confidence and become their own best friend.