When I first started on this journey of food freedom and self love over 6 years ago, I was overwhelmed by all the possibilities. 


I was learning A LOT but didn’t know how to apply it so I was spinning my wheels…


After years of trial and error, I FINALLY figured it out and have been helping dozens of women find their own version of food freedom and self love.


The main thing that keeps coming up with all of my clients is that food is a symptom of a deeper problem…


Without uncovering the root of the symptom, you will never feel fully like you are making any progress (like me for so many years!). 


That’s where you need a mentor and that’s why I designed this 3 month experience…. 


To light up what might be holding you back and fast track your progress by ensuring every tool or strategy you use is actually going to be beneficial (so it's only a matter of months, rather than the YEARS it took me!).


The best part? When you figure it out, not only do you find freedom around food and love for your body…


You finally allow yourself to be confident in your own way, to throw on your bikini, to be proud of all the you have already achieved.


AND you find freedom in other areas too - in love, financially, career wise, relationships. This list goes on!

Don't just take my word for it. Read on to hear from my gorgeous clients.


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What people are saying about

Inez Bye mentoring: 


"I just cannot thank Inez enough really! This has become one of the most promising new chapters in my life and I know it's a juicy one full of love and happiness, some of which I haven't even gotten into." - Lou.

"I've started to learn what it means to find happiness within and I think there's so much room for growth in the mindset department - I'm already trying to be more grateful and mindful and on the days where I really commit to it I can see what a huge difference it makes for the rest of my day." - Ashleigh. 

"I have learnt that I haven't been making myself a priority and have been focusing on the needs of others too much - being able to write that and not feel selfish is such a big step." - Cayley.

"Thank you for all your support and knowledge you have shared with me this year. I feel very lucky to have found you! Life changer babe!" - Michaela. 

'You're (Inez is) honestly one of the most eye opening people I have spoken about the trouble I have with food. You (Inez) make me want to strive to be a better version of me and it's so refreshing.' - Emily.


What will we cover in our mentoring sessions? 

- your biggest struggle NOW and the first steps to overcome it (food, health, love, friendship etc)

* what makes you feel your best self and what YOUR authentic self even is!

* how to feel happy and fulfilled

- figuring out what self limiting beliefs you have and how to change them 

- start pleasing yourself first, quit people pleasing!

- personalised health & fitness strategies and mindset rituals 

- email / messenger support post mentoring session

- plus SO much more! 

You will get to where you want to be SO much quicker with the right guidance...

I'm here to give you that guidance. Choose the option below that suits you best OR book in for a free 15 minute goal setting session where we can talk about what will work best.

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