I help women quit binge eating and achieve their dream bodies without guilt or anxiety. 

And I'm dedicated to saving women just like YOU from their own negative self talk that is stopping them from appreciating their amazing qualities, like I used to do, so that they can step into a body you love and be the best YOU.

A bit about me... I'm a free spirited Aquarius who doesn't do things the 'normal' way and actively avoid reading instruction manuals. It took me years to appreciate the way I am, because for so long I wanted to be part of the bigger crowd.. whatever that means!!

I am your spirit guide personal trainer guru. From my experience since starting my own health and fitness journey over 10 years ago, results run SO much deeper than just what you can see.

Well done for being here! You can already be proud of yourself for making this first step. Too many of us get stuck in limbo, too scared or proud to ask for help. I know because I have been in that space too. 

I started my first diet when I was just 15, which was spurred on after I had gained some weight whilst being on exchange in Germany for 2 months. I was stressed out of my mind that everyone would hate me because of the weight gain. This is where the cycle of self hate, sabotage and restriction began.


I thought I was doing all the right things - eating #clean, avoiding carbs, doing the inner thigh machine for 100 reps at the gym. Yet the more I continued down this road, the more I despised every inch of my body. I felt like I was constantly putting up a facade. I wasn't even sure what the real ME felt, thought or acted because I got SO good at acting out the facade.

It became EXHAUSTING. I put SO much pressure on myself to BE perfect, but this actually ended up repelling people. I became completely isolated from not only others, but myself too. 

The only way I got relief from this cycle was binge eating. I would eat and eat and eat to drown out all of my anxious thoughts. Then I stopped being able to fall asleep because my anxiety became so intense, I could no longer drown it out.

It was only when I hit rock bottom I began to explore other ways of exercising and dieting. I began to realise the KEY to being accepted was to accept myself first; to do so I had to turn inwards and learn who I was.


I stopped binge eating / drinking to find relief, I started attracting REAL friendships + relationships into my life with ease, I began to understand my self worth, spend more time alone and feel ok with it. This gave me a fire in my belly to create a life for myself that inspires me day in and day out. I can truly say I have found ME and I am thriving in a body I friggen' love.

Some background: I've been a personal trainer since 2013 and have worked at a variety of gyms, which gave me masses of  experience with clients from all works of life. I finished my degree of Applied Sciences (Exercise Physiology) at University of Sydney in 2017 (which gave me a deep insight into evidence based practise and client-centred care). I'm a massive bookworm and devour any books from rom-coms to spirituality to autobiographies - I hope to write my own book one day soon! I'm the creator of the Peaceful Body Project group coaching program, Hungry for Life course and the Peaceful Body Podcast. 

I can't wait to find out more about you! Fill in the form BELOW to get in contact with me or email me directly through inezbye@gmail.com, listen to my podcast OR come hang out with me on Instagram.