Hello! My names Inez Bye. I'm a health and mindset coach and I'm on a mission to help anyone who comes across my work let go of self limiting beliefs so they can step into their full potential. 

I struggled for almost 10 years with body dysmorphia and disordered eating. From very early on my teenage years I felt like I wasn't good enough or didn't fit in. I'm not exactly sure where this came from but I do know it manifested in my thinking I needed to be skinnier to be 'popular' and accepted.


I lost weight however still didn't feel 'confident' or anymore liked by the people around me. I still felt like no on wanted to hear what I had to say and that I had to perform a certain way in order to get people to like me. This performance went on for many years before I really became conscious of it and started showing my authentic self. 

So what lead to me feeling more confident and authentic? 

Well, I began to get really anxious and depressed after weight loss not magically solving all my problems I started to not be able to sleep at night. This lead to me meditating and beginning my mindfulness journey. 

It also drove me to find resources about how to feel better within myself so I began binge listening to podcasts. I dropped out of my arts degree and began to pursue personal training and eventually getting my degree in Applied Science majoring in Exercise Physiology at University of Sydney in 2017.


After realising my desire to lose weight was actually just me wanting to be more comfortable within myself, I started thinking about other ways I could become confident outside of of my physical body. This lead me to powerlifting, ditching diet culture and wholly embracing intuitive eating and becoming committed to understanding my mental health.

This lead to me launching my online coaching business in 2018 focused on helping you find peace in your mind body and soul. I also host the Peaceful Body Podcast, which is something I NEVER thought I would do as I had listened to so many podcasts before but never thought I would be able to host my own. Yet here I am! 

I have worked with multiple coaches and therapists as well as completed a multitude of different courses to help me better understand my mind and shift my beliefs so that I can live truthfully and create a life that reflects who I really am. This means I feel content AND also know that ANYTHING is possible. 

I used to be extremely anxious in relationships as well until I became 'woke' to the pattern I was in. I craved closeness and support from those around me but didn't know how to ask for it so instead I would cause arguments to try and get attention. Not a healthy way to do so but it was all I knew at the time. Now I've become aware of these patterns I have let go of them and have far better, deeper relationships with clear communication. 

Based off all my own experience and education, I am DEDICATED to helping anyone I can let go of self destructive habits around food, relationships, mindset so they can show up authentically, live a fulfilled life and feel extremely supported.