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Create your ideal health and fitness lifestyle, so you can feel at peace in your mind and body. 

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Imagine waking up feeling content in your body? 

Imagine going to the gym and knowing EXACTLY what to do? 

Imagine feeling in control of your food choices and seeing the results reflected in your body? 


Imagine being confident in a way that feels authentic to you? 


Imagine having an effortless health & fitness routine that enhances your lifestyle? 

Imagine making progress and having breakthroughs physically, mentally, emotionally?

The Peaceful Body Project has been running for over 2 years now and has helped dozen of women from all over the world. In 8 weeks you will go from frustrated about your diet & uncertain workouts to liberated by your diet, excited to move your body AND happy to be in your skin! 

This is an inside out transformation - when you harness your mindset and create beliefs that reflect your BEST self yet, you will not only transform your body but your LIFE too! 

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And I'm going to be with you every step of the way through the beautiful, life changing 6 week journey Peaceful Body Accelerator is. 

I designed this program because I used to be the girl that felt chubby and very self conscious, smashing herself at the gym every day.

I did manage to lose weight, yet I still felt unsatisfied (and exhausted from exercising so much!). Plus I was stuck in a dire binge / restrict cycle that left me feeling a bit mental.

It wasn't until I combined mindset techniques with a training program that was sustainable AND a diet that I could actually follow did I finally feel at peace inside and out!


Now I get to teach YOU exactly how I did that so you don't have to feel like you're spinning your wheels, confused and exhausted.

Hi! I'm your coach, Inez.

What's included: 

- 6 x live video coaching calls with Inez and the Peaceful Body members every week (recordings are sent if  unable to attend live)

- 2 x Guest expert coaching calls from health and wellness thought leaders around the world 

Custom nutrition recommendations: intuitive eating, macro targets

- 2 x personalised 4 week strength based workout programmes (based on your goals, level, likes) with video form analysis via messenger 

- Weekly email mindset rituals so you can implement mindfulness into your daily life with ease 

- Unlimited messenger support with Inez (guidance 24/7 THIS is where the magic happens), which starts the MOMENT you enrol!! 

- Access to our exclusive Facebook Group

- Access to exercise videos and demonstrations

- Lifetime access to program content

- PLUS EPIC BONUSES: Macro tracking cheat sheet, shopping list and recipe guide (veggie option avail), diet templates


Cayley's transformation from acting out of hate and fear for herself, to now coming from a place of love and truly accepting herself.

- Overcoming binge eating and feeling out of control around food

- Creating a peaceful balance with her body AND life

- finding comfort in the supportive community of women in the project

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Lou: (previous Peaceful Body member)

Lou Testimonial

Ash: (previous Peaceful Body member) 

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SCHEDULE - click here to enquire about the next round.

Week 1: crystal clear intention setting so you know exactly what to do to reach and maintain your dream body 

Week 2: creating the most ideal diet and nutrition habits for your goals 

Week 3: designing a training program thats fun, sustainable AND effective to reaching your goals 

Week 4: peaceful scheduling so that you can DO IT ALL e.g. self care, fitness, social life, career goals 

Week 5: GUEST SPEAKER: How to feel sexy and how that fuels your health & fitness goals - guest expert speaker 

Week 6: re-writing your old body image stories that are blocking you from transforming 

Week 7: GUEST SPEAKER: self care / self love rituals and stress management to supercharge your physical AND mental results 

Week 8: establishing a lifelong health and fitness routine that supports your goals and dreams 

More client love from previous Peaceful Body-ers: 

Side note: I don't post body transformation pictures even though this program has seen some incredible physical changes in past clients. This is because I want you to strive for your IDEAL body shape as opposed to aiming for someone else's (as that's impossible anyway!). Be assured this program WILL change your inner and outer self.

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***As soon as you sign up you get access to messenger support with Inez Bye, so you can start coaching and making progress with straight away, even before the program officially starts.***