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Are you over feeling like you work hard without seeing ANY results on your body? 

Do you want to lose weight and stop binge eating / over-eating?

Sick of destroying yourself at the gym, trying to stick to 1200 calorie diets and over-analysing EVERY situation? 

Interested to know how you can feel at peace with your body whilst eating all your favourite foods

Want to find out the secrets to being at peace and joy with your mind, body AND soul?

....Would you like to feel like the BEST version of yourself

PLUS want to go in the drawer to winning a spot in the upcoming Peaceful Body Project?

If you answered YES, to any of those then you are READY for the 100% FREE...

The Peaceful Body Challenge

A four day online challenge starting Monday 27th of May where you will find love in your body, FREEDOM around food and JOY with your workouts.

Day 1: 

Transform your mindset so you can start acting out of LOVE, rather then fear and disgust, for your body. THIS is where the magic happens time and time again with my clients.

Day 2: 

How to be liberated from your diet + restriction and begin to heal your relationship with food so you can reach your dream body (nb: this is more then just counting macros, although will be covered).

Day 3:

How to make exercise + daily movement enjoyable and sustainable whilst feeling like you’re making progress (and why it’s ok to have aesthetic goals).


Day 4: 


How to bring it all together and break through self-limiting beliefs so you can truly live a not only in a Peaceful Body, but a Peaceful, Bomb-ass LIFE!

Girl, we will be diving DEEP in each of these lessons. They will be carried out within the FB group you will gain access to once you sign up. If you can't make them live you can re-watch them later. Obviously its ideal if you can come live, so you can implement the magic I tell you within these lessons ASAP.

Enter the FREE Challenge and you could WIN:

- one on one 45 minute video mentoring session with Inez Bye

- 4 week tailored strength training program 

- macro + nutrition custom recommendations

This challenge is free, and will transform your relationship with your body, food, exercise AND yourself.

The person who engages the most in the challenge (e.g. comments, likes, posts within the challenge FB group) will be selected as the WINNER.

Prizes are valued at over $200 each! All you have to do is enter the FREE Peaceful Body Challenge Below to win.





Join me on the challenge, and I will show you a way to look at health and fitness that you have NEVER seen before. 

I created the Peaceful Body Project, because I have been where you are now.


Disgusted by my body. Binging every other day. Feeling weighed down by guilt and shame. 

I thought I didn't have any control. Nothing I did seemed to work. I was at my wits end, anxious and alone.

This isn't just another diet or exercise shredding plan.


This challenge will be the stepping stone to transforming your body and mindset so you can start feeling like YOU again.


Feel comfortable in your skin. Be proud of yourself. Own your WORTH! 

I can't wait to share with you the secret sauce of how I transformed myself from anxious and self conscious, to not giving a F*** about what others think of me and feeling happier then ever before with my body AND myself.

You have nothing to lose, everything to gain...

Prizes for entering...

Love in your body

Freedom around food

Joy with training + movement

Past challenge praise...

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Who is Inez Bye?

Hi, my name is Inez... and I help women to stop obsessing over their diet and exercise so they can live more life feeling confident in their skin. 

I finished my degree in Exercise Physiology at University of Sydney in 2017 as well as being a qualified personal trainer and strength coach for over 5 years. 

In my late teens / early 20's, I have barely any other memories than the desperate need to be thinner. All I could think about was how many calories I was eating and burning. Binge eating and anxiety consumed my life. I had zero confidence. 


I truly believed weight loss was the answer to all my problems.

Now; I'm livin' my best life in vibrant colour and I've finally figured out what it feels like to be ME and damn, it feels good.

What I've realised is that life is much juicer once you develop a healthy relationship with food and your body.

I realised it wasn't a matter of what I looked like on the outside... I had to do the inner work on believing I was good enough to get the result I so badly wanted. And I can show you exactly how to do this too.

My coaching philosophy is mind, body AND soul must all be in alignment to get to thrive in your goal body. I can't wait to help you transform inside and out.


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