It's time to stop being the people pleaser + doubting yourself in your relationships!!!

And time to start having deep + real connections, know your value in relationships and be a magnet to your PEOPLE.

I'm ready to invest in ME.

This course is (efficient + less crying version) how I went from being extremely anxious, overthinking EVERY interaction I had (like even just bumping into people on the straight to seeing people are parties or at work) & constantly feeling lonely + repeating negative relationship patterns...

To knowing what I have to offer, having a secure attachment stylecalling in new people to have genuine conversations with, feeling supported + seen, finding my good true love...

The list of benefits goes on & on from being able to use the skill of peaceful relationships.

I got here without using dating apps or going out 'searching'. 

Instead I became the most magnetic version of myself and let people, relationships and opportunities come TO ME.

And I'm showing you how in this course:

- Self paced course + lifetime access so you can watch it again & again

- 5 video trainings

- 2 q&a sessions

- Journal prompts + mediations

- Private FB group

Whether you're looking for love, to learn about & heal your attachment style, craving more friends, be able to walk into any room with confidence even if you don't know anyone....

This is the course for you!!! 


$555 paid in full 

$277.50 payment plan over 2 months

$148 payment plan over 3 months 


I'm not sure this is right for me

If you want to feel less anxious in your relationships, have deeper + genuine connections, know what your worth is and being able to ask for your needs... then this is THE course for you.

I'm doing another course at the moment + plus have a busy life. Will I have time?

Firstly, whats a priority for you? Do you want to stop feeling doubt in your relationships + improve them? If so, you can find the time. This course has been designed knowing that we all have busy lifestyles though too, so it will slot easily into any schedule.

I'm worried about spending money on this...

I understand and loads of my clients feel like this! Even I felt like this too at the start of my personal development journey too. I've learnt every single time I invest in myself something changes deep within me & opens my mind up. Purely the act of putting money towards coaching makes me realise my worth.


PLUS: think about how much time + energy you'll have save not having to overthink, worry, analyse, doubt, question yourself all the time... How much better you'll be able to speak your needs and get what you want (aka asking for promotions; this has happened to so many of my clients!!!!). The value of that is priceless. Trust you're being led here for a reason and taking this leap is saying yes to MORE abundance.

You're worth it!!! Decide!!! Take the action!!!

DM me on instagram @inezbye if you have any further questions.