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7 Food Myths you DON'T need to follow to get your dream body

1. Carbs after 6pm will make you fat

Your body will not know whether you have eaten those carbs for breakfast or dinner. What matters more is the overall amount of carbs you have eaten that day (e.g. track your macros and exercise portion control)

2. You have to avoid bread

You do not need to eat avoid bread (or any food for that matter) to lose weight. Exercise portion control and eat within your macro targets.

3. Alcohol doesn’t count

A shot of vodka has 70 calories alone, not too mention any mixers you have with it. A bottle of wine has minimum 700 calories. Its way to easy to drink these calories, on top of what you are normally eating which will push you into a calorie surplus. Surplus = either gaining weight or maintaining your current weight. I’m not saying don’t ever enjoy alcohol (what is life without a glass of wine or an espresso martini), just be mindful of the extra calories it can add.

4. Coke zero will give you cancer

This idea came around because there was an experiment where rats were given super-physiological (read massive amounts that are not humanly possible to ingest) and as a result they got tumours. This was not found to be relatable to humans getting cancers.

So enjoy your calorie free beverage! (in moderation)

5. Protein powder will turn you into hulk

Everyone needs protein (2 x your bodyweight in kg per day is a good place to start). Anymore that you might consume will be urinated out by your body. Supplement only with protein shakes if you struggle eating protein, but don’t worry if you go over your protein as your body will just get rid of it (not bulk up your muscles and turn you into Arnie)

6. You should only drink or eat when you’re thirsty

If you have had a history of yo-yo dieting or bad relationship with food, your hunger cues can be so off. Its also difficult to know if we are getting enough macro / micro nutrients if we have never educated ourselves. Best way to do this? Track your macros for at least 2 months and apply these habits to real life so you can re-learn how to use your hunger cues.

Same goes for your thirst. You will not always feel thirsty, but you should be drinking at least 1L per 25kg of your bodyweight. Plus 1 L extra for every hour of exercise you do. Remember your body is literally 70% water. As little as 2% dehydration decreases your all round vitality and performance by 10%. Drinking more then enough is the least investment, but the most return you can do for your health.

7. You must eat low carb / paleo / ice cream to lose weight

There is no ONE diet that will help you to lose weight. No pills, quick fix or specific foods will help you lose weight. The only way to do so is to be in a calorie deficit. How do you get into a calorie deficit? Track your macros, add in cardio only when necessary and do strength training so that you metabolism is working most effectively.

SO what food rules do I need to believe you might be wondering?

NONE. There are no 'rules' except for the one equation our bodies run by - if you want to lose weight you need to in a calorie deficit. That is you need to be consuming LESS calories then what your body is burning. If you want to gain weight / muscle, you must be in a calorie surplus which means eating MORE then what your body is burning.

The main key to success I see with clients (and myself) that have made a radical body composition change (read; they have the bodies they have always wanted) is ADHERENCE.

The ability to stick to the diet. So whatever you do decide to do, make sure you are eating the right amount and you can stick to it.

A super low calorie diet or one without your favourite food in it is going to be VERY hard to stick too. So my advice would be start at a small deficit, focus on consistency and ensuring you can ADHERE to the diet.

Yours in fitness and health,




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