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How to stay motivated FOREVER

I'm sorry I've lured you in under a false pre-tense, but now that you're here you may as well stay.

If you read my instagram post today then you will know that motivation is a flawed concept. There's this belief that fitness enthusiasts, personal trainers and coaches are constantly ready and rearing to train, to eat healthy, to be positive. That's just not the case.

A lot of the time, getting to your goal will require you to be uncomfortable. You will have to go to the gym when you are tired and have had a long day and you'll have to eat veggies when you feel like eating a block of chocolate.

Other times though, you will feel like an absolute health goddess where nothing can break you down. Which is fab! But just like anything, it doesn't last and won't enable you to get the change you want from your body.

So what factors are at play here?

1. Motivation is what gets you started, and habit will keep you going.

You are unlikely to form a habit if that activity is not enjoyable for you. For example, if you say to yourself you will never eat chocolate again well then that's probably just not going to happen and unfair of you

to ask yourself to do that. For me, if someone asked me to go running everyday I might be caught in a good mood and agree to it. But very quickly I would phase out of it, because I don't enjoy it.

So figure out what you really like doing, and that might require a little bit of research and trial and error.

2. Set achievable targets

As I said in my post, don't set such high expectations that there is no way you would be able to commit to that activity for the foreseeable future. Sure, maybe you can train 6 days a week one week but then you're likely to feel smashed and de-motivated to train the week after. Set smaller targets, create sustainable habits FIRST then build SLOWLY on these.

3. Practise mindfulness tasks

In moments where your will power is low, if you have been practising mindfulness then you will be more AWARE and better able to combat your low will power.

For example, if you have had a stressful day and you get home to a huge pizza at home maybe you'll emotional eat that entire pizza and feel like shit afterwards. IF you had more awareness over you thoughts and feelings, you could take a step back and say 'Hey, I feel emotional and sad but I know I only really want / need 2 or 3 (... or 4!) slices of pizza because thats within my goals.

4. Track your progress

Day in day out, its easy to think we aren't getting anywhere. Especially if you are not tracking your progress. That doesn't just mean weighing yourself. Take measurements, photos, look at your weights, how fast you're running. Reflect on whether you've made healthier food choices throughout the week and how far you have come.

5. Accountability

Train with a friend o

r a coach, so that all the motivation does not fall on you. I know I might sound biased here, but ANYTIME I have enlisted the help of a coach (in business, study, fitness) I have made

the most progress.

For example, in year 12 I sucked at english. I just didn't understand the bloody PETAL paragraph jargon. So luckily my parents hired me a english tutor and I went from getting low 70% to a band 6 in the HSC. She gave me individualised support I was struggling to get from my teacher in a group environment, and held me accountable for the specific things I needed help with.

6. Ask for help

It's never bad or wrong to ask for help. Think about the last time you did reach out and ASK something - did it pay off? 9/10 it will. And if it didn't then its just a little hiccup along the way and mistakes are our greatest lessons anyway so it really isn't a bad thing.

I've gone majority of my life being scared to put my hand up and ask. It's only slowed down my progress and the only regret I really have is not being more open and willing to get information from those around me.

So back to the main point - motivation will never be HIGH all the time. Quit looking for a fix to keep it high and start finding other ways to get you to your goals (like the above :D).

Let me know how you go!

Yours in health and fitness.


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