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Peaceful Holiday Eating Tips

This time of year, whilst joyous and festive, use to leave me feeling two not so up-beat emotions: anxious and bloated (I’m aware bloated isn’t a feeling, but you know exactly what I mean).

I should’ve been enjoying the festive season with my family and friends. All these social events on, lots of time to chill with work slowing down and yummy food everywhere you go.

Yet I was stuck in the feeling of ‘I’ve ruined all the progress I've made this year’. If you're reading this blog, you’ve probably felt those feels too.

After such positive feedback from the Peaceful Holiday Eating Webinar, I thought it would be helpful to have the key points written down. These are

real life things you can do, that aren't just about a calorie deficit or tracking your macros. WHO really wants to be tracking their macros at Christmas lunch with your fam. Even if you DO intend to, you probably won’t be able too very accurately anyway and that will leave you feeling guilty too… Better to set yourself up with intentions you can actually follow through from the get go and avoid those negative vibes.

So how do we manage all the foods and drinks during the SiLlY sEaSoN?

After years and years of being a coach and researching ALL things on dieting, food and the human body, here are my top tips.

1. Eat intuitively.

Don't track your macros. Even if you did, it wouldn't be that accurate (you and I both know its going to be a logistical nightmare to log all the Christmas Ham and cocktails and crackers). Get in tune with what your body wants and use a hunger scale. 0 is starving to death, 10 is so full I have to unbutton AND unzip my pants.

2. DON’T save all your calories or macros for the end of the day

I used to recommend this early on in my coaching days… then I quickly realised being restrictive all day meant you were going into that event with the restrictive mentality. This is a TRIGGER for binging. Think about the last time you tried to save all your calories for the night time event? First, you feel bloody hungry all day. Second, how well were you able to gauge and control your appetite once you got there? Eat ‘normally’ (whatever YOUR version of normal is) throughout the day and enter that event with a non-restrictive mentality, knowing you GET to eat whatever you want (not just that day either…)

3. Getting to eat whatever you want does not mean you would just go on a 100 day binge, eating fest.

It means eating until you are physiologically satisfied and choosing foods based off what you truly want to eat, rather then shit-I-better-start-dieting-on-Monday-so-I’ll-eat-all-the-things-now.

4. Go to the event with a hunger of about 4-6 out of 10.

Again, if you go there starving you will find it hard to make choices that reflect your best intentions and your overall goals. Have a snack a couple hours before - a banana, a protein bar, a smoothie, even a sandwich. Its up to you.

5. Set the intention.

It’s totally normal to want to indulge every now and again. It’s important that you make the decision BEFORE you get to the event, so that you feel in control. Look at your calendar, decide when you want to eat the 5 ham rolls and 2 servings of pavlova and be at peace with that decision. The same goes vice versa. Decide when you want to leave an event without a hangover or without a food coma. Realise you are in control, it’s just a matter of self awareness.

6. Be firm, with love.

You don’t have to say to your friends and fam or wait staff NO GET AWAY FROM ME AHH SUGAR CAN’T DEAL. Just say gently, thank you for offering but I am full. Or thanks, I might try it later or ask if you can take some away for later (bonus free leftovers). Fear of wasting food? Is eating food when you’re already full wasteful to YOUR body? Remember, excess food you eat will NOT be used by your body and either pee’d out or stored as fat. It’s either going to be wasteful IN your body or in the bin. It’s your choice, and I think you know which one reflects your best self.

I used to feel way out of control at these events, NOW I'm present, at peace with my decisions and feel liberated.

All in all, stress less and take your time! Easier said then done, trust me I feel ya I am a chronic stressor.

Realise you are not your thoughts and the key to all of this is self awareness. If you go to an event, and you actively know you are over-eating then hey you’re making progress because you are being MORE self aware. Another key thing to do is to ACKNOWLEDGE, rather then judge. It's not bad or good, it just is what it is. That will make your next step much clearer. One step at a time young padawan.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

If you would like more support on your relationship with food and your body so you can start 2019 feeling confident and fulfilled, apply for a free discovery call with me for the next round of the Peaceful Body Project starting in Feb 2019. I have a couple of early bird spots open til Friday the 21st midnight so now is a good time to enquire... Click here to find out more deets.

If you use any of my tips PLS let me know by tagging me on instagram @inezbye or sending me an email I always love hearing your breakthroughs and thoughts.

Speak very soon,


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