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The BREAST experience

After the breast workshop I did with Georgia Grace (@gspot._) and Leela (@padmini_yoni) a few weekends ago, I literally woke up the next morning with a whole new perspective on the world. Who would've thought going to a boob workshop would change your entire world view?

I went in there with an open mind and no expectations. To be honest, I’ve done a lot of work accepting my boobs and anyone who knows me will know I’m pretty confident with them. In saying that, I learnt SO much about myself, my body and the shame women, as a general collective (and I am aware this is a general statement and don’t mean to include / exclude anyone!) feel about our bodies.

I was apprehensive about a FOUR hour workshop as I am someone who struggles to stay super focused on one thing at a time (chronic multitasker here) and constantly has a billion thoughts going on in her head at a time. I can say with absolute confidence I was more present in this experience then I have been in a long time. This was completely thanks to our very knowledgeable and welcoming facilitators Georgia and Leela.

Four hours may as well have been 15 minutes. I forgot about any other thing that was going on in the world during the ENTIRE time. Not once did I worry about the week ahead, let alone consider my Instagram feed or contemplate what I was going to eat for dinner (until the very end where I was STARVING and bought half a kilo of pick n mix lollies for the drive home).

It was transformative, radical, open, educational and eye opening. It was deeply personal while also feeling profoundly connected to every single other woman there.

So what did we actually do?

Well I won't dive too deep into the intricacies of the workshops, as if you have gotten this far clearly you are interested in the topic so I suggest attending one yourself (check out future workshops by clicking here). If you're feeling apprehensive or nervous, don't worry so was I (knees weak, mums spaghetti kind of vibe) but I was SO comforted by Georgia and Leela the entire time.

Any description I could give in writing wouldn't even come close to the type of experience I had.

What I will divulge is that as you enter the room you are given your chance to express yourself, feel grounded and calm, led through a variety of different meditations, movements and breath work, different activities to help you to learn about yourself and how to find pleasure / confidence in your body. The entire time you are incredibly well supported by Georgia and Leela, not at any point are you left to your own devices or feeling like you shouldn't be there.

What I learnt the MOST; communication.

To give others the space and time to sit with their emotions, instead of quickly trying to make them feel better. It's actually extremely therapeutic to be part of a safe space that CARES about what you are feeling, saying and thinking. To be able to fully move through an emotion you have so that it feels complete and dealt with. I didn't realise how much I actually DON'T deal with my emotions, rather just try to move on A$AP rocky. This means these emotions bubble under the surface and come up at a really random moment like when we are hangry etc.

The next thing I learnt was saying thank you. Acknowledging, rather than saying something is 'good' or 'bad'. Sometimes the best thing you can do is just truly listen and say thanks, as opposed to always offering advice.

You cannot expect others to know your boundaries if you do not tell them AND even more important if YOU are not truly aware of what makes you feel comfortable in the first place (in all relationships, not just sexual).

ASKING someone what their boundaries are - not just assuming that they will be the same as you.

No matter how confident you think you are, there is always a new frontier to break through.

How can I call myself a confident woman if I still get funny about nipples and the word vagina? I definitely feel more evolved in my body now and I can see the path to how I will continue to evolve which is incredibly empowering.

Whilst the intimacy arena is something that is very new to me, the lessons I learnt have already deepened my ability to coach MY clients around my zone of genius which is all things mindset, nutrition + body image. If you would like to figure out your own blocks around why you can't get to your dream body and out of a negative mindset, apply for coaching with me here.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email or sending me a DM on instagram.

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