"Even though I have ups and downs with my health journey, you (Inez) have helped me in such a big way and I will forever be great full. I know I still have work to do, especially on my inner voice but I know with your help I’ll get there and that gives me some peace. 


I couldn’t live my life without you in it now. You play such an important role now and are helping mould me into the best version of myself and I’m excited for that."



Inez is warm, open minded, energetic and technically proficient. It is clear she has the know-how and passion for working at the top level in her chosen industry. She has been an absolute pleasure to work with.”


Kyla used to be in such a scarcity mindset, always thinking a disaster was going to happen with work + love life etc... and now she DEEPLY trusts things are ALWAYS going to work out...