This is a great place to start your mind, body & soul upgrade with a variety of shorter and longer courses and programs. 

Courses are self directed lecture style with a combination of video, meditations, downloads, journal prompts etc.

Programs are taught live through online coaching calls and have specific dates they are open for enrolment. 

If you are unsure of what is right for you, click here to contact Inez Bye to find out more!


Short 4 part course to kickstart your acceptance of your body so that you can start feeling more confident from within and let that feeling seep into all areas of your life. 

10 part mini course with mindset rituals and self care strategies so that you can thrive from the inside out, be resilient no matter what life throws at you and get to know yourself at deeper level.


Can be done over and over again to keep finding out new lessons! 


4 week self paced course to heal your relationship with food and get your dream body sustainably. 

Learn mindset rituals as well as evidence based nutrition strategies so that you know exactly what to eat for your goals and how to do it in a way that is effective. 

Let go of binge eating and experience food freedom. Increase your body confidence. Learn how to become self aware and 

8 week group coaching program to help you find love in your body, joy in movement and freedom around food.


This program is based on creating a solid mindset and body connection so that you have the tools for life to maintain a body that feels light, healthy and energetic.


This program has limited spots and only runs a few times per year, so click the orange button above to find out more! 

Inez Bye Health + Fitness Coaching
Inez Bye Mindset Mentoring

10 week group coaching program to get you back in touch with your SOUL and create a lifestyle that reflects your unique dreams, characteristics and strengths.

You will be taught the latest and greatest in mindset hacks, spiritual tools and how to be guided by your intuition so you can live to the fullest.

This program only runs at specific dates during the day so click the orange button to apply for the next round and find out more.