Self Love Masterclass

1st of May, Wednesday 8pm AEST.

Self love is SO much more than looking at yourself in the mirror and thinking 'F*** I'm hot."


It's learning who the F*** you are inside AND out so that you can...

Feel more CONFIDENT and less ANXIOUS.

Become CLEAR on what your VALUES are and how to LET GO of the things that no longer serve you.

Jump on this self love train, FINALLY forgive yourself for the mistakes you have made and WILL make again to be the BEST version of you.

From both my own personal experience and the feedback I hear in client sessions, this work is SO much harder on your own... so allow me to guide you by joining FREE Self Love Online Masterclass and I will teach you the fundamental (and often overlooked) keys to getting the body AND life you actually deserve! 


When: Wednesday 1st of May 8pm AEST

Where: it's online so you can access it from bed with your oldest + comfiest pj's on.

How: It will go for approx. 45 mins with 10-15 mins for your questions at the end (I LOVE answering these so come prepared!).

What's next: Save your seat by clicking below, pop your email in and you will receive a confirmation + reminder email (if you don't see it within 24 hours check your junk / promotions, and then email me on 


What if I can't make it live: still save your seat by clicking below and I'll send you the replay which you can access for 48 hours post masterclass. 

Webinar starts:

What we will cover: 

  1. How to become at peace with yourself NOW so that you can UPLEVEL

  2. How to create goals that feel ALIGNED for your unique soul

  3. Why you NEED to know your values to get what you want in life

  4. The importance of letting GO of the past so you can make a quantam leap 

  5. Finding the ROOT of your blocks, instead of treating symptoms

  6. Cultivate self love at a DEEP level so you feel like a badass BISH

  7. Why mindset is number one and how to harness your unique-ness

Webinar starts:

What my beautiful client's have to say...​​

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You can have these amazing results too..  start by joining the FREE Self Love Masterclass.

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