Are you struggling to lose weight? To feel confident in your skin? 

Do you always mess up your diet when you go out? Constantly in cycles of eating super well then eating like a horse? 

Have you tried diet after diet, yet STILL constantly feeling unsatisfied with your body? 

How long has it been since you have felt happy with what you saw in the mirror? Carefree about your food (without feeling guilty about it later)?

GIRL, I got you and I feel you.

Join me...

...for my FREE 45 minute Nutrition + Mindset Masterclass Webinar where I am going to drop some serious TRUTHS around nutrition + weight loss including: 

  • the 3 top blocks I have seen over the past 6 years as a coach in helping you to lose weight and love your body 

  • how to love your body now so you can lose weight with ease

  • letting go of the dieting mentality and love the process of working towards your dream bod

It will be held on Wednesday the 13th of March at 8pm AEDT. Click on here for a time zone converter for you.

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Client experiences 


"Even though I have ups and downs with my health journey, you (Inez) have helped me in such a big way and I will forever be great full. I know I still have work to do, especially on my inner voice but I know with your help I’ll get there and that gives me some peace. 


I couldn’t live my life without you in it now. You play such an important role now and are helping mould me into the best version of myself and I’m excited for that."


"Thank God I did trust Inez because when I did, the weight came off - slowly, but steadily. Gaining strength has made me feel good in my body, better in my clothes and has given me so much more energy! The weight has stayed off and I honestly feel like I have hit the G-Spot. I'm at my happy weight without hardly trying. I can truly say that I never ever EVER thought that I could be the person that could eat pizza and still comfortably wear a bikini. 


Inez has given me something I that I could never even attempt to repay. She's given me stability, confidence and the skills to live a life without restriction and guilt. I will am forever grateful to her and continually inspired!!!"


I wouldn’t have achieved those things without Inez, who was there for me for every new challenge. She motivated me, gave me strength, believed in me and became the one person who really understood what I needed.


Thank you so much for really having changes my life. That is something no one will be able to take away from me and without you I would never have known what it feels to be happy and proud of myself. 



“Inez has given me more autonomy over my training and increased my self-efficacy. She was exactly what I needed when I felt I had lost my way.  Inez is warm, open minded, energetic and technically proficient. It is clear she has the know-how and passion for working at the top level in her chosen industry. She has been an absolute pleasure to work with.”


You can have these amazing results too..  start by joining me in my FREE Masterclass Webinar!